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Top 10 Air Hockey Tables in 2016

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Top 10 Air Hockey Tables in 2016

The arcade classic air hockey is alive and well, and now more than ever it’s possible to bring the action into your home. Yes, you need an air hockey table in your house, so you can play whenever you want. The only problem is that there are a lot of choices, and it can be difficult to decide which air hockey table to get.


Below is a listing of the top 10 air hockey tables to help you out!


Atomic Blazer 7’ Hockey Table

Featuring flip-up electronic scoring and sporting a 120 V blower, the Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey table is a great table for any home. Great for the family, it is constructed of sturdy plastic with pedestal legs that give it a firm and stable playing surface. Overhang rails help reduce puck bounce. It has a nice black and white finish which should look great in any game room. And for added value it can accept an optional table tennis top.

Hathaway Stratosphere 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

The Hathaway Stratosphere features a dock for your cell phone and speakers in the pedestal legs so you can listen to your music while you play! It also has LED interior rail trace lights that light up every time a goal is scored. A powerful 110 V blower ensures fast and reliable play. Sturdy pedestal legs keep the table stable and level even during the most spirited of play.

Playcraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey Table

The Playcraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey table comes in two finishes--cherry or black--giving you some nice options for fitting in with your decor. This is a good table for somewhat smaller spaces, but still offers all the fast paced excitement of the larger tables. The 110 V blower ensures reliable play in all conditions. Comes with two 3.75" strikers and four 3" pucks.

teenager playing air hockey on a top 10 air hockey table.

Dynamo 8’ Fire Storm Home Air Hockey Table

For the ultimate in arcade-style action, you need the Dynamo 8’ Fire Storm Home Hockey Table. It’s not for everyone--this awesome table will cost you more, and you’ll need a big game room to put it in, but it will reward you with years of unmatched fun. With a Dyna-Blast blower, the Fire Storm is a full-size air hockey table with interactive lights, electronic overhead scoring, and voice and sound effects. It features no-shake legs, and protective side rails.

Carrom Signature Stick Hockey On Pedestal

When it comes to stick hockey, it’s hard to beat the Carrom Signature Stick Hockey on Pedestal. Made in America, Carrom put a lot of attention to detail into this model. It even has cup holders! Built of quality materials and constructed with durability in mind, this game features sound effects and automatically shuts down after the third period.

Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Combination Table

The list of top hockey tables wouldn’t be complete without adding a combination table, and the Playcraft Danbury is one of the best. Offering more games than most combination tables, you can play foosball, table tennis, and many other games in addition to air hockey. The additional games make this table a great value.

Berner “The Cosmopolitan” 7’ Air Hockey Table

If you’d like an air hockey table that doesn’t look so much like an air hockey table, consider The Cosmopolitan by Berner Billiards. It has a sleek and classy look that fits in well with household furniture, while still offering all the advantages of standard air hockey tables. Under its elegant exterior is an industrial grade blower, and it features both electronic and abacus scoring.

Holland Bar Stool’s Officially Licensed Dome Hockey Basic

The only thing more fun than playing dome hockey is playing dome hockey on your own table badged in your favorite team! Holland Bar Stool offers their dome hockey table with official graphics from your favorite team on the side and on center ice. Additionally, the players are made from ABS and reinforced with steel for years of spirited play. A built in clutch system prevents damage when battling opponents, and a 2:1 ratio ensures responsive play.

Shelti Breakout Home Dome Hockey Table

For a midrange dome hockey table, you can’t go wrong with the Shelti Breakout. It makes our list of top dome hockey tables. It has all the features of high end games including 2:1 gear ratio for the players and a clutch to prevent damage of the gears. Impressive graphics decorate the ice, and it has a side mounted electronic scoring system

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

For the serious air hockey aficionado, the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite must be looked at. A superior table in all respects, it is endorsed not by one, not by two, but by three world champions! Featuring a full size 3 3/16” diameter puck and aluminum side rails, this table is built to last for years to come. Graphics include a center line and face off circles for competitive play.

Blurred mallets on a top 10 air hockey table with black lighting.

Choosing among these 10 great table hockey games might be tough, but you really can’t go wrong picking from this bunch. Things to keep in mind are how much space you have to put the table, whether you want dome hockey or air hockey, combination foosball, and what bells and whistles you want. When you’ve narrowed the field, compare and contrast features and cost of each model. By using this method of shopping and this list, you will be playing table hockey before you know it.


What are your most important considerations when purchasing an air or dome hockey table?

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