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Installation FAQ

Over our many years of helping homes and businesses like yours, we have had the pleasure of building close relationships with over 2500 installers nationwide. This means that wherever you are, we will typically have an installer near you, should you require their service. Our installers are contracted to professionally assemble your game table at the best possible price. You can check some of our completed installations on our Table Hockey FACEBOOK PAGE - Link

Please note that remote locations may incur additional costs. If an installer deems your location as remote, we will inform you before processing your order. Installations during weekends and/or holidays will also incur additional costs that will have to be covered by the customer. Regular installation hours are between 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday.

Regular Curbside Delivery - Installation Only

Regular delivery means that we will ship the table to you directly and you will be responsible to accept the table, inspect it and place it in your garage. Our team of installer will arrive at a later date and will take over the table from your garage and move it inside your room of choice and assemble it. Please note that the base cost for this service includes moving the table into the first room of the house, without stairs included and assembling it.

  • If you decide to have the table moved to a second floor, or a basement with turns and stairs, the cost of the service will increase.
  • Please check the number of boxes delivered, and if the number of boxes matches the delivery receipt, please sign for the delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to note any missing boxes on the delivery receipt. No exceptions.

It is also a customer's responsibility to ensure the product they have purchased can fit through doors, corridors, or stairwells. If unsure, please contact us and request a site survey by one of our installers. It's an optional $99 service and it's non refundable.  

Please note that we do not control the installers schedule. At times, availability might open in 1-2 weeks after receiving the table. Once the installation date is set, the installer will show up with his team. When the installation is completed, the installer will take few pictures and remove any debris. Should you have any remarks, please let the lead installer know and note the remarks on the installation receipt. Once you sign the installation receipt without any remarks, you are confirming that the installation was completed to a satisfactory level.

If the installation crew shows up at your location, and you decide to have the table installed at a later date, there will be a $350 abort fee that you must cover. Please make sure you have your room fully ready for the installation of your table on the agreed installation date. 

Please note that we reserve the right to change the installation cost for remote areas where there is less coverage with installers. Examples include mountain areas, ski resorts, islands or islets, metro or congested areas, or locations that are far from any major cities. You will promptly be informed if you are in such an area.

Please note that that are exceptions that might increase the price of the installation, and they are as follows: 

  • Commercial Locations
  • 1 Set of Stairs 
  • 2 Set of Stairs 
  • 3 Set of Stairs 
  • Stairwell
  • Window entry 
  • Basement/Bilco Entry 
  • Onsite Travel Path > 100ft
  • Residential buildings 
  • Pathway including elevator(s) 
  • Heavy metro areas

In some rare cases we will not be able to provide installation services due to logistics and/or challenging pathways.

Thank you for choosing Table Hockey Planet today!