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Lift Gate FAQ

What is a lift gate?

A lift gate is a platform on the back of the delivery truck that slowly lowers the item to the ground. As many of our items exceed 200 lbs in weight, this feature can be very helpful as it makes unloading your purchase from the truck easier.

Should I add on a lift gate?

This is 100% up to you. We offer this feature as an optional upgrade in order to keep prices low. If you do not use a lift gate, you may be exposing yourself to physical or financial risk. Game Room Planet and are not responsible for these risks if you voluntarily assume them by choosing not to order a lift gate delivery.

What are the physical risks of not using a lift gate?

In dealing with removing heavy objects from a truck, it is possible to injure yourself by pulling a muscles, dropping the item, etc.

What are the financial risks of not using a lift gate?

If you choose not to order a lift gate and you are unable to remove your item from the truck on delivery, you may be charged additional fees for re-delivery of the item, including but not limited to the initial $75 lift gate fee as well as other fees (depending on the carrier).

What is's responsibility regarding lift gates?

Game Room Planet and are not responsible for additional fees, personal injury, or property damage that occurs as a result of attempting to unload a package without a lift gate.

What is your returns policy regarding lift gates?

We are unable to accept any returns that occur due to the inability to unload a package from the delivery truck.

I want to know more!

If you have any further questions regarding delivery or lift gate service, please get in touch with us by clicking here.